Our Process

  • Step One – Qualification: Meet with a local lender to see what financing works best for your family, determining what price of home and down payment you are comfortable with.
  • Step Two – Design: Tell us about your needs and ideas for a new home. We can design a quality home that fits your lifestyle and your budget. If you are interested in a quick move-in home, you might find one of our existing homes that suit your family’s lifestyle.
  • Step Three – Schedule: We will coordinate all the paperwork from financing to closing. We will create a construction schedule that clearly defines the process so you can enjoy the experience of building a new home.
  • Step Four – Building: Our team will manage every aspect of the building process from excavation to closing. We work with the best professionals in the industry to ensure quality construction throughout your home, with careful attention to every detail.
  • Step Five – New Home Orientation: We will schedule your New Home Orientation before the closing date and present your completed home.
  • Step Six – Close on your new home and move in!
  • Step Seven – After Close: Once you’ve closed on your new home our team will be there to answer and solve any questions that arise.