Michelle is the most friendly home consultant we have come across during our home buying process. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle, and she guided us through every step of the way in choosing the right selections for our dream home. Michelle not only did suggest us on appropriate upgrades, but did make sure to pull us back when we were going overboard with some upgrades. Thank You again Michelle for your valuable suggestions, and we are happy to be associated with you!! Also, I would like to thank Country Joe Homes for sticking to your core values of "build creatively and beautifully designed homes" even in this crazy inventory home times, and allowing us to customize our home!!


I worked with Tricia in search of a single home. As we all know it is not an easy job to search for the right home but with Tricia's knowledge and professionalism; it looked like an easy process. She was always there when there was a query/ question to answer quickly. She works tirelessly to get you exactly what you want in a home. It wasn’t easy to get a good home of our taste during this season but with her skills and expertise we ended up with the perfect home for us. She is very professional, time conscious, and trustworthy. I am glad that I ended up getting connected with her. She returns calls and follows up with things that have to be done in a respectful and polite manner. She and her team are just the best. I am very grateful. Thank You all at Country Joe Homes!!


We built our home with Country Joe and just moved in about a month ago (October 2021). No detail was missed! The customer service they provided was amazing. Michelle Johnson our representative and realtor was attentive and with us every step of the way. This has been the best possible home-building experience. No detail was missed! I would highly recommend building with Country Joe Homes!

Nancy S.

We are so happy we used Country Joe Homes and Tricia for our new home. They make a really high quality home and are with you every step of the way. We had a very unique situation and Tricia made sure everything worked out in the end. I highly recommend her and Country Joe Homes to anyone looking to build their dream home!

Tom M.

We had a very positive overall experience building with Country Joe homes. This was our first house and they helped us build our dream home, while being mindful of our budget. When we raised any concerns, the team at Country Joe handled it with a high level of professionalism and in a timely manner. We felt that they had our best interests at heart throughout the whole process and we felt well cared for. We appreciate Michelle's expertise and experience in building with Country Joe- she is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful!

Tami A.

Michelle made our building experience a breeze! We got asked a lot if building a house was stressful while we were in the process and our response was always "surprisingly no!" She was very helpful with helping us make decisions and offering suggestions where we needed them. We also appreciated her communication and how quick she was to respond to our questions. We had a great experience and would definitely recommend working with Michelle!

Lauren S.

The build quality is top notch. They allowed us to tweak the design and add touches into any aspect of the home. We only had a few overall issues pop up and they were reviewed and addressed to our satisfaction. This builder really cares about the satisfaction of their customer. The agent that worked with us (Rosie Kohrs) kept the process light and enjoyable. Right mix of humor and seriousness. 🙂 You hear horror stories about how stressful the build process is...but Rosie made it easy. My wife and I actually comment and tell people that we actually thought it was a lot of fun. I'd recommend Country Joe to anyone looking to build a house. They'll go above and beyond to make sure they do everything you expect the right way.

Bill W.

We are very happy with our Country Joe Home. The construction is very solid and we appreciate the high quality siding brand they use. We love the 2x6 construction that gives more insulation and deeper window sills. The doors fit beautifully! The design of our spec home is wonderful. After doing a remodel of our older home, I thought my kitchen was well designed until I moved into our new home design called Bristol. So much storage and space, it is unbelievable! We were able to make a tweak to our floor plan and Jim, the construction manager was exceptional in getting it done for us. The neighborhood is wonderful and very well thought out. The development detail
like lights, sidewalks, overviews and general lot placement is top notch. You will not get that with a national builder. We are so happy with our move to a Country Joe home and development!


Buying a house is stressful. Moving your family is stressful. Making sure everything is timed perfectly is stressful. Michelle has found a way to be professional and make our entire experience, start to finish, fun, stress free and exciting! Michelle has an amazing way of rolling with punches and tackling anything thrown her way (and trust me when I say we threw plenty her way). Her response time in regards to email and text must set some sort of record! I honestly can't thank her enough!!

Melissa G.

We had the BEST experience working with Rosie! We really shopped around for builders and homes before meeting Rosie and Country Joe Homes and it was a complete no-brainer after we did. She really took care of all of our questions, had quick follow up and went above and beyond throughout the whole process. Country Joe's hometown, personable way they do business really sets them apart!

Kate C.

Tricia was amazing to work with! She knows her stuff, is personable, and will fight for you. Even if she doesn't know the answer she is very quick to find someone who does know. Country Joe was very reasonable and did their best to accommodate when feasible. Even kept our build on time during COVID! We will use Country Joe Homes (if needed) in the future!

Erik B.